Our pump was specifically designed to be used in the food industry. It is suitable for transporting head, neck and offal with water in poultry processing plants. Benefits of its use:  


The equipment is suitable for completing neck and head cutting tasks in the evisceration line of poultry processing plants. The neck, head, or feet to be cut must be placed with one hand between the mobile and stationary blades of the scissors. There is a starter handle in the height of the index finger, on the grip grabbed by the worker with the other hand. If the handle is pulled, the control valve is opened and compressed air flows into the cylinder. Due to the compressed air, the piston (insulated with a rubber ring) moves and turns the mobile blade (connected to the plunger pivotally) next to the stationary blade by closing the edges. By relaxing the lever, the piston and the mobile blade moved by it return to the basic position, and the air is released from the cylinder chamber through the air duct of the control valve.


The cloaca gun is suitable for process the cloaca of any kind of poultry. This operation can be carried out with the help of an adapter mounted on the pneumatic base machine. The rotating tube knife cuts a circle around the cloaca and hygienically removes it with a vacuum. The vacuum also removes the colon content potentially expelled. The water washes the equipment after each cut.


A stainless steel stand to hold the scale. It can be used in any kind of food industry plant.


The transport cart can be used in food industry and other areas, where various trays, boxed, and bagged products need to be transported. The frame structure of the cart is made of stainless steel. Our other type of transport truck is suitable for the simple and fast transportation of boxes with various heights and 600x400 mm nominal base dimension. The stability of the load is ensured by a specially designed frame.


Work tables with combined work surfaces, with flat or raised edges. They are suitable for work in numerous areas of the food industry, where cutting tasks are performed. Its metal parts are entirely made of stainless steel, and it can be ordered with a special plastic cutting board as well.


An indispensable accessory of food industry processing units is the sanitary sluice. 3 vertical brushes wash the sides of the boots, while 2 horizontally placed rotating brushes wash the soles in such a way that small nozzles squirt water onto the brushes for effective cleaning. The emergency stop button and the automatic chemical suction valve are located in the electric cabinet. For safe cleaning and maintenance, the drive of the brushes automatically stops when the stepping grid is lifted.


Our apron and boot washer enable thorough cleaning in a short period of time and in hygienic circumstances. The apron and/or boots can be cleaned with a hand brush; the cleaning water volume can be set on the brush as required, thereby achieving optimal water use. The adding of the cleaning water can be started with a foot-operated valve during the boot cleaning process. Water connection is accomplished through a 1/2" tube, and the draining of the generated sewage is accomplished through a NA32 drain, and built-in odour trap. The equipment is entirely made of stainless steel; it is hygienic and can be cleaned easily.


The hook cleaning equipment with brush is suitable for cleaning the plucking, eviscerating, cutting, etc. hooks used at the upper tracks of poultry processing plants in full observance of the strict sanitary requirements. The hooks are washed by the axes with brushes, each of which are driven separately, with intensive water addition. The hooks are positioned by the built-in hook leads. The length of the axes and certain parts of the hook cleaner depend on the hooks to be washed.


Our cage washing machine is suitable for cleaning live animal cages soiled during transportation, used in poultry processing plants.


This equipment is used to wash boxes, which is indispensable for hygienic operation. The machine accomplishes the cleaning with a warm water with stream with detergent, which is forwarded by a high-performance pump from the washing tank, through the nozzles, into the boxes. After the washing phase, it rinses the boxes with warm water from the utility grid. The soiled boxes must be places on the forwarding table of the machine. The intake belt forwards the boxes along the washing and rinsing sections. After the washing and rinsing process, the clean boxes can be transported from the output table into the clean box storage or any other usage location.


Our hand-washing apparatus is made of stainless steel, with an odour-trap and syphon under its tray. The outlet tap is activated by the knee-switch valve, and the water outflow immediately stops with the interception; therefore the device is extremely hygienic. The integrated knee-switch tap is one of the most reliable on the market. One of the main advantages of our hand-washing apparatus is that it excludes the rather high installation costs. The equipment practically requires no maintenance. The hand-washer can be order in a standing or wall-mounted version, as well as with stainless steel hand-washing liquid and towel dispensers. It warm water (40°C) is not available from the water utility grid, the apparatus can be ordered with custom water heating unit.


This equipment is used for the sanitation of tools (knives, whetstones, chain gloves, etc.) used during the technological processes in food processing plants. We manufacture several types; the individual (analogue or digital) and the central tool sanitizer.



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