Sampo Food Processing Ltd. was founded in 1990 and is a Company entirely in Hungarian ownership. It has been providing employment to 45 persons since its launch in fully equipped, state-of-the-art sites on 20,000 m2. As our main activity, we design, produce, and remodel, complete poultry plants, and install the technology of plants with 500 and 10,000 pc/hour capacity, depending on the kind (chicken, turkey, duck, goose) In addition to the poultry industry, our over 30 years user and almost 25 years of manufacturing experience guarantee that our Company achieves great success in the meat industry also, which is due to the skill, dedication, and professional loyalty of our employees.


The senior employee responsible for the technical plans and preparation has been integral part of the team since the foundation of the Company, as have the Chief Mechanic, the Leaders of the Plant Departments, the Office Manager, and the accounting employees. This cooperation of several decades also represents the know-how of our Company, as in this way our employees have not only gained monumental experience but have also evidenced extraordinary dedication and experience. The Company has maintained the same standard when hiring subsequent employees. We have admitted each employee to the main positions with a long-term view and through a careful selection process. These include the leading positions of the production plant, the senior HR positions, the design and planning experts, and the Sales Manager. Our main criteria during the hiring process has been appropriate time spent at previous employers, professional skills and qualifications, and adaptability, as our Company serves a special, narrow segment of the market.


Since its operation, SAMPO Ltd. has always paid attention to the demands of the market and its clients, thus maintaining a leading role in market share in Hungary, providing its services in the whole area of the country. There is a requirement towards the Hungarian poultry and meat industry processing society (slaughter-houses, processing and downstream processing plants), to design and build in an economically operated technology that complies with the international regulations of the food industry and on the hygiene of foodstuffs, and that of the European Union. With regard to this it soon became clear that, besides the production workforce, we have to make significant improvements also in our design labour in order to win shares in the market and win investments. So, the business concept and motto of our company is that the design of the complete inner technology of the processing plant is based on customer demands and serves the satisfaction of our consumers, that way providing a harmonic balance in the interests of the owners and the co-workers.



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